Three Directions & the Commission

Sounds like some kind of weird band name.

So, if you’ve toured this site, you’ve hopefully seen our threefold emphasis in ministry. We want to grow upward, build inward and move outward.

Jesus’ great commission to ALL of His disciples was stated as:

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,teaching them to observe all that I commanded you;

As I was thinking about our threefold emphasis, it really started working with the great commission… and the overall purpose for us as a people.

Upward directly parallels “teaching them to observe all that I commanded you.” Upward is directly focused on teaching and growing more mature in our relationship and walk with Christ.

Inward directly parallels “baptizing them…”. Baptism ultimately is for the community, since its a practice that we cannot do in isolation. Inward is all about the community, and growing through connections.

Outward directly parallels the “make disciples.” Jesus statement certainly implies that its about people who aren’t disciples already. Outward is totally focused on sharing the love of Christ outside our walls, through both word and deed.

We are passionate about all three areas, and look forward to transforming the city through growing upward, building inward, and moving outward.


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    Kyle says

    Sounds like an AWESOME band name. But seriously, it’s great to see the direction in which God is leading this movement. Praying for you and Resonate.

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