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Rhythms: ReCreate

From the beginning God setup a pattern of living, that included creation (work) and rest. As we talk about the concept of Rhythms, our weekly rhythm of life should be a part of this. Lets look at Soma School‘s breakdown of what it means to ReCreate as part of missional living.

We take time to rest, play, create and restore beauty in ways that reflect God and the work of the Gospel to others

After powerfully and joyfully creating the universe, God rested. We were created in his image and therefore were made to joyfully create and rest as well. We regularly take time to rest, play, create and restore beauty in ways that reflect what God is like to our community. (Genesis 1:1-Genesis 2:3; Deuteronomy 5:12; Mark 2:23-28; Hebrews 4)

In every culture and with every person we witness the desire to rest and create – although the means by which people work it out might be different, we find a universal and historical practice of ReCreating. However, apart from the gospel people remain restless in their work and labored in their rest. The Gospel enables people to rest while working because the work that justifies them was accomplished in Jesus – they don’t need their work to give them significance any longer. The Gospel also enables people to truly rest when not working, because they know that God is always working–they don’t have to worry their lack of work will stop the world from spinning.


Because God has accomplished everything necessary for our justification and is the one who will finish the work He started in us, we can rest. Whether working, playing, sleeping or creating – we rest in His work and His abilities and His power. Our rest then is not only a result of the Gospel, but a demonstration to the world not at rest in the gospel.
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  • How and where in your life are you at rest in the Gospel?
  • Where are you restless and what about the Gospel are you not believing?


We now approach work not needing validation or security – we can truly work unto the Lord and be free to do it as worship (not worshipping the job, the boss, the paycheck or the credibility we obtain). We can also truly rest – vacation or not, sleeping or not, etc… because the world is held together and run by Him and it will be restored by His work in and through us, not our work apart from Him. We can also create freely, not dependent on the quality of the creation or the validation of others to say it is good, but rather because we are already called good in Jesus Christ. Finally, we are free to play, because our Father is in charge and gives us all we need.

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  • How could our work be a better reflection of the Gospel to the world around us?
  • In what ways could we be ‘playing’ and ‘creating’ such that it would be an appropriate display of the Gospel to our culture?


Inward & Outward

We recreate together as a way of preaching the gospel to one another. We also become a display together of the truth of the gospel to a watching world. Our resting, creating, working and playing all proclaim that our God is Creator, Sustainer, Provider and Redeemer.

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  • How could you and your community reshape its weekly, monthly and yearly rhythms to live out
    this rhythm?
  • Where in your culture does the Gospel need to creative, playful work of the Gospel?


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