We’d love to help you get connected to others, take advantage of the programs we’ve provided to help you grow, find a place to serve, and ultimately, join us in worshiping our Lord with every aspect of our lives.

CONNECT @ Resonate

If you want to find out more about Resonate or to begin connecting, join us for the Resonate Primer, a 15 minute gathering immediately after church the 4th Sunday of every month. This is a chance to meet a few of the Resonate staff, find out more about the church, our groups, areas to serve, and our vision.

Serve Somewhere

There are various serving opportunities, including serving the church, and serving the local and global community. It is a great way to meet new people and develop your passions. Training is provided for various serving teams. Visit our SERVE pages for more info:

Join a LifeGroup or DNA Group

We would love to help you find a LifeGroup and DNA Group by suggesting some options that may work for you. To learn more, simply attend the next Resonate Primer, and get connected to a group. To find out more, click below:

Resonate Groups

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