LifeGroups are at the heart of living out the mission and vision that God has given Resonate Church. We cannot do what God has called us to do alone. Jesus calls His people to live in community, living life together as we seek to share the gospel with our friends, neighbors, coworkers and city.

Each LifeGroup looks a little different, but often they are groups of believers and non-believers in fellowship together, providing an environment for people to belong before they might believe. It is a tangible way for others to see how believers love each other, so that they might know Christ (John 17). Our hope is that these groups might be the “front door” to the church, as the majority of the culture does not respond to the “invite on a Sunday” request.

Each LifeGroup has identified their unique mission within the larger community and meets regularly to eat, engage their neighbors, and be together on mission, living out the Gospel in real and tangible expressions.

Whether you consider yourself part of the Resonate family–or if you’re just checking out what it looks like to live as Jesus lived–it is our desire that everyone would be an active member in one of these communities that bring life, healing and growth.

Current LifeGroups

Case LifeGroup
Meets mostly Tuesday nights in the Kirkwood and Decatur area. Mostly young families and young couples. Contact leaders Chris and Leah Case for details and directions.

Beltline LifeGroup
Just starting up and will mostly be young couples and young singles without kids. Please contact Chris Averitt for more information.

Schwartz LifeGroup
Meets mostly Tuesday nights in the Parkview area. Contact leaders Eric and Meagan Schwartz for details and directions.

Boultinghouse LifeGroup
Meets mostly Wednesday nights in the North Decatur area. Mostly young families. Contact leaders Laura Yawn for more details.

Karr LifeGroup
Meets on Thursday nights in the Kirkwood area. Mostly young couples/newly marrieds. Contact leaders Jared and Sara Karr for more details.

East Metro Atlanta LifeGroup
Mostly couples without kids. Meet at various times. Contact Jonathan and Emily Mayo for details and directions.