Resonate Church exists to equip disciple-making disciples for the mission of God.

In Ephesians 4, Paul expresses that the role of the church is to equip all the saints for the work of ministry. This involves making disciple who make more disciples. Those disciples are tasked with the work of ministry, which is the mission of God, to proclaim and demonstrate the good news of the Kingdom of God both locally and globally.

Atlanta has many Gospel-centered churches found in the various neighborhoods. At its very beginning Resonate started as a city church born from a yearning to see a community transformed by the Gospel. We believe that the presence of the church is the presence of Christ in a world that desperately needs hope. We believe that we are fulfilling our biblical calling to disciple our neighbors and the nations by pursuing God through His word and living missionally in all we do.

There are two through lines that influence all that we do at Resonate. They inform, guide, and focus our mission.

For God’s Glory

What is the goal of what we do? God’s glory! We week to make Jesus known and glorify Him in all we do.

To All People

Who are a part of our mission? All people! We make disciples among our neighbors near and far, engaging all peoples and cultures, including our families.


When people gather in communities, they form values and norms that express the culture they represent. At Resonate our values are what our community does as we carry out our mission to equip disciple-making disciples.


We build all things around God’s Word to us. Scripture stands as the foundation of our teaching so that we can be saturated in the Gospel as we grow upward in Christ.

Share the Well

We strive to make specific impacts in our areas of influence so that everyone benefits. WE participate in the lives of our neighbors and “do life” together. We show love through hospitality in our community, creating spaces where people can find a sense of belonging before they believe.

Everybody Plays

AS the church, each one of us is an important part of the body of Christ. We all have a role to play. We encourage everyone to participate in the life of the church through service, relationships, and discipleship so that no one is a spectator. There are no benchwarmers here.

Empowered Ownership

We develop mature, disciple-making disciples to become leaders in all areas of life. We encourage one another to actively engage in all the places God calls us to serve by using our gifts to reach the world for His glory.