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New Here?

We love Atlanta and we bet you do too! We want to take this moment to introduce ourselves and to give you more information about why we are here starting a new church in Atlanta.

We will be starting a new church in the coming days in Atlanta. We are planting a new church here because the vast majority of people in this community don’t go to church on a given Sunday. Actually, according to the American Church Research Project, 80% of Atlanta stays home from church on a given Sunday. Maybe you are one of those people. Perhaps you have given up on church. You have attended church before and were not able to find a place, understand the message clearly, or connect with the people there.

Our desire is to be a place where the un-churched, the formerly churched, and those who are interested to learn more about God can connect with new friends, learn about God and His plan, and grow together spiritually.

The obvious question is, what kind of church is Resonate going to be? Well, we are a Christian church, passionate about God and His plan for men and women. We will be a family of imperfect people seeking to learn and to grow in our knowledge of God, one another, and His plan for ourselves and for the world.

You may not attend church but you are interested in spiritual things. Maybe you have given up on church because of a bad experience yet are open to learning more about God. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at

If you do not have a Bible, we would be happy to share one with you as well as send you more information about Resonate —just email us. We would love to hear from you.

Feel free to browse around our web site and see how you can get plugged into Resonate Atlanta.