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Resonate has a vision for the Kingdom to come to Atlanta. As part of that, we’ve put together this vision PDF to help you understand our values, methods, and even our financial need. I encourage you to read it before deciding how or in what ways to support us.


God may be stirring in your heart and you feel a call to join us. We definitely are looking to grow our community of folks looking to impact Atlanta with the Good News of Christ. If you are interested in joining us, be sure to check out our EVENTS page for the next available gathering or contact us for more information.


Prayer is the fuel for ministry. This is one of the most vital ways to support us. If you are interested in receiving prayer
requets from us, visit our prayer page where you will find requests as well as a newsletter signup.


We need generous givers who desire to invest in our mission to Atlanta. The reality of planting in the city is that everything will cost more, but we feel that the reward of influencing a great American city with the gospel makes this challenge worthwhile. Our specific financial goals, as well as online giving, is available here.