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What To Expect

We know that visiting a church for the first time can be a little awkward.

Here’s some things we think you would want to know in advance…

When you arrive at our location

Someone will be standing just inside the ACME Building doors to greet you and point you in the right direction. A couple of things to note:

  • The service is located in Suite D, which is directly down the hallway from both double door entrances.
  • Our building is fully handicap accessible.


If you’re dropping off kids for the nursery or children’s ministry, both are located in the United Tae Kwon Do studio. Check-in is located at this location, and check in starts at the same time our service starts. We invite parents to check their kids in, and if they want their kids to join them for the first part of the adult worship service, we encourage them to do so. If it’s your first Sunday, someone will give you all the info you need and help get your child checked in.

The Worship Service

The service is a mix of music and teaching from the Bible. Our music is mostly acoustic or small band based, striving for music that fits to context of our neighborhood, our artists, and our generation. But we also tap into the wealth of hymns in addition to new songs because of their theological richness and familiar melodies

The teaching (sermon) is usually an explanation of a passage of Scripture. Our pastors work hard to be straightforward and understandable. They won’t hide the hard or provocative stuff of the Bible but will always aim to make it intelligible.

During the opening worship music and the sermon, K – 6th graders are welcome to participate in the main worship service. After the first few songs, children will be dismissed to go to Children’s Church, where they will have an age-appropriate lesson and games. Children are welcome to stay with their parents throughout the entire service, should the parent choose to do so. The nursery is provided during the whole service.

We also celebrate the Lord’s Supper (aka “Communion” or “The Eucharist”) every week. It’s open to anyone who professes faith in Jesus Christ. Participation in optional.

The service lasts about an hour and a half.