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Any of us can find ourselves in a new or challenging season of life. At Resonate, we believe no one should walk through life’s most life-changing or difficult moments alone.

Resonate is committed to provide both practical and spiritual support during these seasons. Whether helping new parents by provide meals or having a team that is faithfully praying for your needs right now, we desire to provide help and support for your walk with Jesus. 

We can also provide pastoral care and support in areas including marriage and family relationships, premarital education, divorce, grief and loss, addictive behaviors, and dependent care for individuals with special needs.


Prayer changes lives, strengthens the weak, and touches the very heart of God. We have a wonderful team of faithful volunteers that are dedicated to praying for you. By filling out this prayer request form, your request is sent directly to our Church Prayer Team. If you provide your contact information, one of our Congregational Care staff will follow up with you.


    The Care Team serves as a way for our body of believers to support fellow Resonate partners in need. Often the strong community built within LifeGroups meets many of these needs organically or partners with Care Team to find more helping hands. In whichever way, choosing to invite others into our vulnerable places creates opportunities for beautiful growth within the church body.

    Though our team is happy to try and provide care however is needed, here are the primary ways that the Care Team, or other teams within Resonate, can offer support: Meals, Moving Assistance, Foster/Adoption Support, Transportation, Home Repair, Other

    Please let us know how we can care for you by completing this form. 

      If you are part of a LifeGroup, have you communicated this need to your group first?

      What type of care are you searching for?


      We are here to walk with you through whatever you’re facing. Care is a pivotal way that we, as a church, believe discipleship happens. It might seem simple but we believe there is power in holding space for one another because we know that God shows up in that space to bring comfort, healing and freedom to you in your situation. 

      Our posture is to walk with you to find hope, find help and find healing in Jesus. 

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